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Private In-Home Dog Training in Saskatoon, SK

Ruffian K9 Training offers in-home private training services. My goal is to provide tailored training plans to help those people and dogs that don't fit a traditional mold.

My belief is dogs have genetic needs; desires they are born with. These drives need an outlet. And this is a great place to start when addressing behavioural issues


Stephanie Anderson
Head trainer

I have been working as a professional dog trainer since 2019, though my history with dogs goes back much further.


I have 5 dogs of my own and I participate in several different dog sports with them. Through that I have a passion for making dog sports accessible for new handlers, reactive dogs, and "off" breeds.

Throughout most of my career I have focused on helping hard to handle dogs find a healthy biological outlet that is not fighting against genetics, but working with them, And changing negative stigmas surrounding training tools. I specialize in the use of

e-collars, focusing heavily on building fair and clear communication with our dogs rather than using them solely as a corrective device.

Before working with dogs, I worked with young offenders for almost 8 years in group homes and helped run a victim restitution program. So my love for helping people understand "tough" dog behaviours stems from that background.


Training Philosophy


First and foremost, I am all about helping you and your dog to live your best life together. I will examine your dogs inherent personality traits accompanied by their genetics and instincts. In order to be able to grow into a strong team it is important to work with your dog’s genetics and not against them.

Balanced dog training is about outcome-based training – where your dog makes informed decisions based on the known outcomes of each choice (both positive and negative). It is not about which tools you do or not use, it’s about providing clear, consistent and fair outcomes for a behaviour that are the same every single time (regardless of your mood).

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